Leadership Student Officers:


After a hotly contested election, the results of the leadership student officer positions were released this morning. Here are the winners:


Class of 2018:

Sec/Tres: Jason Baz

Vice President: Aman Bajwa

President: David Flores


Class of 2017:

Sec/Tres: Carlos Alatorre

Vice President: Jane Anderson

President: Kylie Tatom


Class of 2016:

Sec/Tres: Thavia Pappalay

Vice president: Marisa Mark

President: Salma Srour



Sec/Tres: James Roses

Vice President: Dana Butler

President: Anthony Vogliano


Congratulations guys!!

Prom 2015: Photo by Alex Ford

Prom 2015: Courtesy Photo

Prom 2015: Photo by Carol Spencer

Prom 2015: Photo by Juliana Romualdi 

Final Rally 2015: photo by Josh Redsun

Car of the month


If you park in the student parking lot, you surely can't miss out on seeing this beauty, or as Crystal Franco says “topless Betty” . A Mustang wasn’t ever in mind when she was thinking of her first car.   “I was expecting an old beat up car, nothing fancy,” says Crystal, her parents bought  her 2005 convertible, silver mustang the summer before her junior year, june 2013. “I love my car”, says Crystal, her parents bought her the car because she needed to take her siblings and herself to school .”I always saw mustangs and thought ‘those are some sexy cars, but they’re for rich people’ but my parents really pulled through for me and got me a beautiful Mustang”, she says.

Crystal says her car is very important for school and having a job. Also when  she moves down South she plans on keeping it. “Especially since I value being able to be mobile, it just makes things easier.”, says Crystal.

2015 Final Rally: photo by Carol Spencer

RHS Students Receive Scholarhips



The 2015 Assist-A-Grad scholarships recipients were announced this past weekend. Seventeen of these seniors attend RHS and will be graduating this upcoming June.

According to the Daily Republic, Esther Emenalom received the Abundantly Blessed Investment Club scholarship as well as the Emi Luptak scholarship. Kaitlyn Hernandez received the M.J. Bates, Boosters, and Matt Garcia Foundation Keep the Dream Alive scholarships. The California School Employees Association, Fairfield Suisun Chapter gave Branndon Thorner a scholarship. Sabrina Baladad-Perez, Jaime Collins, and Brianna Smullen all took home Cordelia Rotary Club Harry Holbrook scholarships. The Lavell Family Women in Science scholarship went to Veronica Seward-Aponte. Nemer Erakat and Jacqueline Wren received the Darwin F. Lum scholarship. Madison Bowers received a scholarship from the Sons of Italy, Fairfield Order. The Yvonne Robbins scholarship went to Alexandria Ford. Makenzie Alspaw received the Boosters and Emi Luptak scholarships. The Boosters also went to Haley Mosher, Lauren Riddle, and Nicolaus Smith. Gabriel Shackleford received the Juanita and Andrea Schiel scholarship. Finally, Noah Shaw took home the Wednesday Club, Music scholarship.

Photo by Alondra Ortiz

Photo by Alondra Ortiz

Tyler revved up about Sheila


If you know anything about junior Tyler Whitted, you know about his love and passion for his 2004 Ford Mustang, which he named Sheila. Back in July of 2014, he convinced his parents to let him get this car, saying the four cylinder was gas saving. His parents agreed to loan him $5,000  to buy it, and he couldn't be happier. When he drove it for the first time he said he was “full throttle down the freeway, and it was a great rush”.

Although he said his first car choice would have been an older Mustang, he grew to love his current car as if it had been. There’s been plenty of good memories involving his car, he says: “My favorite memories are all times with friends when we decided to be reckless teenagers.” He likes the sense of freedom his car gives him. He also says it has offered him the opportunity to connect and build relationships with others who have a similar interest in cars.

He’s customized his car with stickers around his bumper and windows, with a specific one dedicated to Paul Walker, star of the “Fast and Furious” movies who died in a crash last year, his role model. How long does he plans on keeping this car? “A long while actually. She's my baby and I love her.”

Catcall or Compliment?


School is an environment where people are brought together to learn and prepare for their lives. It should be a safe and comfortable place where everyone can express themselves. However, in many sections of Rodriguez there are places where girls do not feel safe to go, places they avoid as often as possible.  

For sophomore Abby Brown, there’s a feeling of apprehension when walking in C Quad and the stairwells. She avoids them as often as she can, often taking the long way around to get to classes. “It makes me uncomfortable,”she says,“ the guys there call out to girls for no reason.” Cat calling is common place nowadays. People think it’s a compliment to yell at girls as they walk by, shouting that they’re hot, or to come over so they can see them up close. In all reality, it’s the opposite; for the most part, it’s a stressful experience and makes most girls uncomfortable. “Even if it’s just a hi, it has a weird intention behind it,” says Brown. Likewise, for senior Jazmyn Passama it’s an uneasy feeling that passes when she hears the calls of boys she walks by. “I just feel very uncomfortable when it comes to guys on campus,” says Passama, “It doesn’t matter if I’m alone or where I am.” Both agree that “it feels more like a verbal assault than a compliment.”   

The girls know that it isn’t every boy. and they certainly don’t want to generalize with something like this. “It’s not all guys,” says Passama,” but more often than not, it happens.”  Brown nodded in agreement with this, knowing their guy friends are among those that don’t participate.  “Exactly,” says Brown, ”It’s not all of them, but a large portion do it and they don’t realize it makes girls uncomfortable.”  Maybe it’s because as girls we are raised to fear these kinds of things while we are told that boys will be boys.  

As girls we appreciate compliments; however, catcalling isn’t one. If, as a boy, you appreciate something about a girl walking by, get her consent and compliment her. Hiding behind the guise of cat calling is not what girls want. It’s an issue of comfort and safety and in all honesty, it’s rude. So please, next time you want to do something like this, do it with respect and kindness in mind.


Former RHS mustang, Cheyenne Cordes, was drafted to the national pro fastpitch league on April 1. She will be a utility player for the Pennsylvania Rebellion. The season starts at the end of May. Cheyenne attends UC Berkeley and plays softball and has earned a lot of performance awards. Not only is she known for her awards she earned at Cal, but she has accomplished a lot in her time in high school. Her senior year, she was highlighted as the California Gatorade Player of the Year. This year she was on the USA Softball Player of the Year Top 50 Watch List. Cheyenne is also up for the senior class award. Voting stops on May 11, so do not forget to vote for Cheyenne Cordes for the senior class award!